Back Home

There was a break-in last night. Agents from an Eastern Block country tried to get in. Fortunately I have put in place the most sophisticated security systems. 

We got the boys out of the cabin and up to the Cone. Then we dealt with the intruders. A sleeping gas that penetrates the skin pores put them down. I then had them flown to South America. They will be held there for a few days and released. In the mean time I have taken measures to hide the cabin from view. — Another secret. 

Now the harder part. Josh is now in the Cone. I am hoping I can trust him not to say anything to anyone about it. The boy is coming along very well, but I am not sure it is wise to completely trust him yet. 

It does give Philo to try a new device on Josh. One that if it works will help him to walk. It will only work in the cone, but still, it should give him a little more freedom. It will also meet the needs he has to be upright for a period of time everyday.  


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