I knew bringing Josh here was going to be difficult. It would be difficult for a normal, well adjusted 13 year old, who had just lost his parents. But, the way he was raised has made it even more difficult that I imagined. 

I hope someday if anyone reads this they will look at how they raise their kids. If they give them everything they want and never let them deal with hard things in day to day life, they are setting their child up to crumble when something does go wrong. 

Polly says to just keep pouring love on him and he will change. She is really good with him. I have seen him start to build up to a full blown tantrum only to have her smother it out with a look or hug. 

We will make it, he will adjust, I’m sure of it. We are going to have to take steps to make sure Ben and Seth don’t tag team him. With their abilities it would be easy — and they could do it without even realizing it. 


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